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Websites for Sports Teams & Athletics

A sports website should be more than static pages of names and stats, it needs to scream “we’re number one and here’s why”! We believe that a dynamic sports website should have an exciting design that is popular with each sport and draws visitors of all demographics into the depths of the site. A second-to-none athletics site both technically and visually is what you will find with nlC Athletics 2.0.

Tungsten gives you the look, feel, features and flexibility you desire to showcase your award winning sports programs on the web. With our cutting edge web technology, we combine graphic design and layout with a user-friendly, easily navigated site that appeals to your fans, alumni, student-athletes,
coaches, administration and the media.

Key Features:

  • Digital Media Guide (stats)
  • Hall of Fame
  • Historical Documentation
  • Image Management
  • Highlighted Athlete Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Online Donations
  • Online Storefront
  • PDF Management
  • Podcasting
  • Poll Management
  • Press Release Management
  • Recruiting Questionnaires
  • Roster/Bio Management
  • RSS Feeds
  • Schedule Management
  • Search Function
  • Season Management
  • Sport by Sport
  • Staff Directory
  • Statistics
  • Video
  • Locations Management with Auto-directions
  • Standalone or Integrated Website Customization

Sample Revenue Opportunities:

  • E-Commerce
  • Receive Online Donations
  • Sell Tickets
  • Decrease Operating Costs
  • Sell Photos
  • Sell Merchandise

Play By Play: Key Features

Main Screen and Team Management

nlc Athletics 2.0 features a customized graphical design and layout to meet your specific school’s marketing design / theme message. Teams will be separated by sport and gender and clicking on the specific team will navigate you to the administrative section for that team. Recent articles and news releases will be showcased on the main screen and other mar¬keting or specific content can be displayed as requested.

Roster Management

Individual teams have the ability to add athlete profiles, pictures and stats as well as customizable fields for data such as jersey number, position, class year, hometown, etc. The entire roster can be viewed at once with roster year, team picture(s) and historical data displayed.

Coaching Staff

Under their specific team, the coaching staff will be displayed with their name, title, picture, contact information and biography or other general information.


Single or multi-year schedules can be created for each team and the creation of events under each schedule will contain the date, time, and location with map and direction integration, opponent, results, and stat integration and schedule notes. The ability to upload cumulative season stats is available as well as the ability to add sections within each season.

Articles/News Releases

Each team will contain articles and news releases that contain a title, date/time published, excerpt, pictures, content and an optional link to the schedule and specific game/event.


Customizable stat categories for each sport/team are easily created and stats can be uploaded using HTML formatted stat sheets from the games/events that have already taken place. The ability to upload stats from other formats is also available and logic has been built into the system to allow for the appropriate formatting and display of the statistics.


A list of locations associated with the specific team is easily managed and can be linked to games/events in the schedule. Google Map integration is present and directions to each game/event are easily populated. Each location will contain a name/title and an address with street, city, state and zip code.


Each team has all related data underneath it. Multiple seasons for each team are available and easy navigation be-tween seasons is present to manage overall team data with the most recent season being displayed first. The ability to copy all of the historical data (coaches, roster, locations, etc…) for the new season is present, saving you valuable time managing multiple sports and teams.

Multi-Team Widgets

To accommodate the possibility of having multiple teams underneath one sport (freshman, JV and Varsity Football), widgets have been developed to pull content information from multiple sports for items such as articles, results and upcoming events.


A fully integrated- design specific storefront for all of your school’s e-commerce needs. A fully customizable solution, you can easily manage all of your products within minutes; saving your school time and money while increasing revenue.


Designed with your school colors and marketing message in mind, our donations module integrates with online and traditional brick and mortar banking institutions to allow for easy management of your donation finances.

Media Management

Through the use of audio, video and podcasting, you’re able to bring your school’s highlights to the web with an easy to use, categorized and fully archived module. Allow your fans to watch the highlight reel time and time again from any area of your website.

Content Management

We understand that most our clients aren’t technical people and that’s why we created our own CMS platform, ProWebsite CMS. Flexible and intuitive, our CMS brings features such as having a full dashboard to work from, drag and drop reordering, comprehensive file management for pictures, downloadable files, videos and audio clips, Page editing , management, creation and deletion, site restructuring, and module, add-on and widget management all without any client side software installations or worrying about what browser you are using. Content management made easy so you can have fun doing it!


Hosting with Tungsten is easy and affordable and that’s why 100% of our customers host with us. From domain acquisition and renewal to our CMS support and online ticketing system, we make sure that our clients are taken care of any way possible. We do all of the work and you get the security and reliability you deserve.

ProWebsite provided by newline Creations