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Tungsten Interactive Group - Erie, PA

Website Design & Development

The process of combining professionalism, high end graphical appeal and a well organized layout is the foundation of projecting a professional image on the web. We are one of the most respected Pennsylvania web design firms and all of our web designs are developed by experienced graphical designers.

Website Development is the process of converting the Website Design into a functional website. We are one of the few Pennsylvania Web development companies that follows Web Standards thereby offering our clients several significant benefits.

Website Development begins with a sound foundation...

Basecamp Project Management

We understand the importance of being organized and detail oriented in all aspects of a project. We also understand that communication is the foundation of organization and meeting expectations. As one of the first users of Basecamp in North America, Tungsten has a long history of going above and beyond in regards to communication with our clients. Basecamp is an online project management tool that is purely web-based; eliminating the need for you, our client, to load any client-side software on your computers. We love to communicate with our clients and Basecamp compliments traditional face-to-face and electronic communication beautifully.

Research of Top Competitor Websites

Thorough research of your competitors websites enables us to understand your industry and develop strategies to differentiate your company from the rest of your industry. We provide a report recommending content and website features based on your specific industry and target audience. After the site-map is approved we utilize the research that we have conducted to recommend what content should be prepared. Through collaboration with you and your staff, we determine the proper number of pages that should be built to convey your message and provide your website visitors with the information you consider to be crucial to your success.

We base our designs on Web Standards

Every Website we develop utilizes Web Standards Based design. This presents numerous benefits:

  • your Website will work correctly on any existing and future Web browsers and other Web enabled devices;
  • simplified maintenance of design aspects of your site in the future;
  • compliance with federally imposed accessibility requirements for disabled people; and
  • alternative presentation for printed content;
  • and much more...

When Web standards are followed, the Website is developed using valid HTML or XHTML code free of errors. Only a fraction of Web development companies produce code that is free of errors. To illustrate this point, see the code validation for this page and then visit the W3C Website, supply a Web address of any page you wish to check for validity of code for comparison...

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