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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of improving a Website’s presence and traffic online through the search engines. Specifically, Search Engine Marketing is the umbrella over two well-known forms of Internet Marketing; Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

Based in Erie, PA, Tungsten offers Search Engine Marketing services to help companies improve their online visibility and traffic. With thorough keyword research & analytics tracking, Tungsten offers some of the best SEO and PPC services in Pennsylvania and beyond. Whether you are looking to improve your online presence or take your current SEM efforts to the next level, look to our expert Search Engine Marketing services at Tungsten.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of ensuring that Search Engines can easily determine the relevance of a Web site’s theme, is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase online traffic and conversions as well as build a brand. Having high placement in the Search Engines with listings on the first three pages of Search Engine results not only increases brand-awareness but also increases your chance for customers to click through to your Web site.

Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Tungsten has the expert staff in place to ensure that your site is Search Engine friendly and that Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other Search Engine spiders can find and index your Web site. Our company combines our expert technical SEO experience with thorough keyword research to ensure that we target the right keywords for your site. By targeting strong keywords for your site we can not only increase your site’s traffic but also increase conversions. Combine this thorough keyword research with our Search Engine friendly Web Content Management System and it’s clear to see why Tungsten is a leader in Pennsylvania and beyond.

There are over 110 different items that factor into the algorithms of the main Search Engines. Do you have the expert staff to stay on top of the SEO industry? Our Pennsylvania-based company has what you need to work your way up to the top of the rankings and improve your site’s Search Engine positioning.

Contact Tungsten today and ask how we can help increase your online brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to your Web site via our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. As a leading company in Erie as well as the entire state of Pennsylvania, Tungsten is your source for the best SEO services in the region.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) is an online advertising model where the advertiser only pays for an ad when a user clicks on it. These action-driven ads are employed by all the major search engines, including Google and Yahoo, to monetize their services and are generally displayed next to organic search results. Since its introduction, PPC has revolutionized online marketing and generated amazing results for those companies savvy enough to utilize it.

Why is PPC different from other forms of marketing? Because Pay Per Click Marketing allows the advertiser to have exact control over campaigns and keywords and because of the immediacy of results that can be achieved. At Tungsten, our PPC team will work with you to decide your ROI target, your budget, and which of your products or services you wish to represent. Also, unlike organic search engine optimization, PPC will deliver results instantaneously, allowing you to exploit every opportunity in a more timely fashion.

Setting up and managing a PPC campaign is deceptively easy; a campaign can be up and running almost immediately. However, much like day-trading stocks, a poor PPC campaign and strategy will lose money fast. Effective PPC campaign design and maintenance requires a diverse skill-set; from marketing to mathematics. Moreover, the PPC marketplace is extremely dynamic and fast-paced as the management of a PPC campaign requires dedicated and disciplined professionals to constantly monitor and react.

The PPC Specialists at Tungsten, a company that provides custom Website Solutions and is based in Erie, PA, possess the successful PPC skill-set needed for success and are masters in all areas of PPC with experience working for all types of clients. We work with you to form a partnership that truly promotes your company’s unique brand and goals. It is our aim to be seen as an extension of your company; able to coordinate and execute your company’s marketing strategy into the online space.

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