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What We Do

Website Design & Development

Appealing design that actually works. That’s our specialty and we wouldn’t hear of doing it differently. It’s not just about the look though. Layout and organization are key components that we also pay close attention to. Great website development requires excessively sharp developers, and we have lots of them. Our approach is simple - determine what the client expects and needs, and custom develop a solution to exceed those expectations. A complete package of high visual appeal and easy navigation for the visitor. That’s what you’ll get from Tungsten. wait, there's more »

Web Content Management

There are lots of them in the marketplace but we thought “what the heck, we’ll develop our own”, and wow are we good! Talk about flexibility, ease of use and intuitive, CMS 2.0 is that and a whole lot more ... check it out! wait, there's more »

Website Modules & Add-ons

Oh yeah, we have lots of them and they are pretty awesome. Flexibility and ingenuity are infused into every module and add-on that we develop. We developed them ourselves so we can customize everything to your specific needs or we will just make you a new one if you ask us to. wait, there's more »

E-mail Marketing

With the economic pressures of today’s business world, how else can you reach thousands of people for pennies on the dollar? Custom developed marketing and newsletter templates will brand your message while real-time statistics show you the power of the campaign at a click of the mouse. Take a proactive approach to providing customer service, sales, and knowledge to your client base with email marketing. wait, there's more »

Search Engine Marketing

Want to be found on the web? We can help with that. Need to increase sales? Let us work on that. Perhaps a 200% increase in traffic to your site is appealing, well only a handful of customers have realized those gains ... perhaps you can be added to the list. wait, there's more »

Business E-mail Hosting

Hate SPAM as much as we do? Interested in the highest level of web security? The email and web world doesn’t need to be a source of pain and agony; it can be business as usual without the risk but with all of the reward. We provide clean and secure email hosting for hundreds of our clients. Oh yeah, all this with true email web access, now that's convenient! wait, there's more »

Website Hosting & Support

Hosting with us is easy and affordable and that’s why 100% of our customers host with us. From domain acquisition and renewal to our CMS support and online ticketing system, we make sure that our clients are taken care of any way possible. We do all of the work and you get the security and reliability you deserve. wait, there's more »


We believe its one thing to consider yourself capable of doing something but a whole different scenario to claim that you’re good at it. We consider our capabilities to be equal to our core competencies and we would have it no other way. Website and web application development is our foundation but without intricate knowledge of other creative and marketing practices, we would be like all the others...we are different because we choose to be and because our clients deserve more. wait, there's more »

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