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What We've Been Up To

  • Mercyhurst North East Campus Website

    Mercyhurst North East Campus Website

    The goal for Mercyhurst North East website was clear. A nice and simple site with always fresh and accurate content without the need to employ a website guru. We setup our CMS, installed our Athletics module and trained their staff. The rest is history.

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  • Weiss Earley Landscape Design & Construction

    Weiss Earley Landscape Design & Construction

    Brand new and ambitious full service landscape design, build, and maintenance company in need of an informational Web site that provides prospective customers with a comprehensive overview of its landscape design, construction, and maintenance services. That's what Chuck Weiss and Jason Earley told us. I think we got it.

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  • Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania - Online Shop

    Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania - Online Shop

    They already had 12 Brick 'N Mortar store locations in Western Pennsylvania and were getting ready to develop their "13th store," the GSWPA Online Shop. Who were they gonna call? No, it was not Ghost Busters. Actually, they called us and the result was pretty good. Ask them yourself.

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  • Goldsteins Furniture & Bedding

    Goldsteins Furniture & Bedding

    Founded in 1906, Goldsteins Furniture and Bedding has been a staple to its local community for over 100 years. During all those years they sold a lot of quality furniture and bedding to 50,000 loyal customers. Pretty impressive! Even more impressive, their commitment to customers beyond the showroom ... through their new website.

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  • Mercyhurst Student Government

    Mercyhurst Student Government

    Three years ago, the Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) unveiled its first Web site. Its sole purpose at that time was to create better awareness of the organization. Fast forward to 'now' and that was not true anymore. We worked with MSG (the organization, not the food additive) to revamp and 'dynamize' their new site.

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