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What We've Been Up To

  • Horary Astrolgoy with Gilbert Navarro

    Horary Astrolgoy with Gilbert Navarro

    We can say the stars and planets are aligned for success! Gilbert's the best in the industry and we've built a site for him to reach for the stars and share his knowledge. With integrated PayPal payments, customers are able to get quick answers for their questions like "When is the best time for me to expand my business?" For Gilbert, that time is now!

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  • Community Nursing Services of North East

    Community Nursing Services of North East

    We brought a caring touch to Community Nursing Services, serving the North East, PA region since 1920. We built a site to showcase not only the services offered but focused on the personal care they're known for throughout the region. From the content to the personal photos of their staff and patients, we've cared for Community Nurses as our own.

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  • Erie Playhouse

    Erie Playhouse

    Erie Playhouse, one of the oldest and largest community theatres in nation, needed a better way to manage their shows schedule and information online. As usual, we delivered beyond their expectations with setting up our Shows module and on-line tickets purchasing. Go ahead and rate their shows using Google Friendconnect.

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  • Jones Performance Products, Inc.

    Jones Performance Products, Inc.

    Jones Performance, manufacturer of cool tractor trailer products, brought us in to concoct a new look and feel for their website and create an e-commerce solution to lead the way. The new site puts Jones Performance miles ahead of their competition and sets the standard for the trucking industry web presence.

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  • Jamestown Coating Technologies

    Jamestown Coating Technologies

    What did we do as a part of this project? Actually, what didn't we do? We developed a new logo, assisted in the development of taglines and designed a new website. But we didn't stop there. We also got involved in rebranding their sister company, Jamestown Powder Coating, to have a similar look and feel.

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