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What We've Been Up To

  • Burns Manufacturing

    Burns Manufacturing

    Putting together a product catalog is no small task! With an expanding business and new reps, Burns stepped up to the plate (the push plate that is!) and created a site to showcase all they have to offer. A robust product catalog allows customers to easily find the products they need and get in touch with their rep. Burns is keeping the door open and welcoming all who enter.

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  • Authentic Street Signs

    Authentic Street Signs

    It's now easier than ever to claim your domain and tell the world who you root for! After expanding their product line, it was good timing for Authentic Street Signs to overhaul the look of their site. Choose from street signs, night lights and clocks to get your man cave ready for the new season! All we're missing is the body paint and wings!

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  • SurfaGuard - Antimicrobial Paints and Coatings

    SurfaGuard - Antimicrobial Paints and Coatings

    Jamestown Coating Technologies is excited to announce their new product line: SurfaGuard. The new line of Antimicrobial Paints and Coatings is a protective antimicrobial paint that provides that extra defense shield against bacteria, molds, and fungi. Their new product is taking off in schools, hospitals, doctor's offices and more! We are excited to be part of their latest adventure and are proud to be providing a web presence for such an innovative company.

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  • Presbyterian Homes - Bringing The Family Together

    Presbyterian Homes - Bringing The Family Together

    With three locations, keeping family, friends, employees and the community up to date can be a challenge! Presbyterian Homes has successfully brought together all their facilities with a website that not only tells you who they are, but also keeps you up to date on the day to day activities of the residents. A custom built menu module was created for Food Services to manage their meals and show their menus on the site for all to see. Daily activities and outings are also being showcased to keep everyone on the same schedule. The new site keeps residents, employees and the community together in their mission.

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  • General Partitions - Reinventing a site

    General Partitions - Reinventing a site

    One of our most loyal and long standing customers General Partitions Mfg. Corp. recently came to us for a design revamp. Keeping much of the same high quality content as before, we re-skinned the site for a more modern and attention grabbing look. We also added several new features, including a color swatch selector for product views, as well as rotating homepage banner to maximize the use of important landing page real estate. Keep it fresh people!

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