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Meet The Team

Partner, Account Exec, Writer, Fast Food Addict

Joe Weunski

Partner, Account Exec, Writer, Fast Food Addict

No longer the only male on staff, Joe’s still the man, performing every task imaginable as an agency partner. From creative copywriting to concept development and account management, Joe does it all while serving as our unofficial minister of cool. In fact, he and his shiny new iPhone is so cool, it almost makes us forget that he still uses worn out phrases like “da bomb,” “daddy-o” and “I’m down with that.” Almost.

Partner, Art Director, Flaxseed Fanatic

Jody Farrell

Partner, Art Director, Flaxseed Fanatic

Jody often graces us with an affectionate morning greeting of “Hello freakjobs!” Of course, it takes one to know one. She has a strange fascination with flaxseed, and her new house came with a yard covered in old railroad ties. The good news is, as agency partner and creative director, she’s a perfect fit as conductor of our creative train. She’d probably enjoy a good caboose joke here, too.

Web Business Analyst, Problem Solver, Big Thinker

Oto Hlincik

Web Business Analyst, Problem Solver, Big Thinker

For someone who spends the day thinking in digital code, Oto sure can carry on a conversation. Which is good, because he’s usually sharing an insight on making a project more efficient or more practical for one of our clients. Or he’s talking about the latest idea in marketing, social science, or technology. So if you need a website built from scratch, or want to know how your smart phone is changing humanity, Oto is your guy.

Web Support, Project Manager, Martial Artist

Owen Roth

Web Support, Project Manager, Martial Artist

At a young age, Owen fell in love with computers just as they were starting to bring the awesome power of word processing and solitaire to people’s homes. Since his first machine ­— an Apple IIe — he’s clicked his way to serious proficiency in management of information systems. And despite all the screen-time, Owen has the rare ability explain things to clients in layman’s terms. He also offers training that has non-savvy folks using their new services like the pros.

Web Designer, Project Manager, Wonder Woman

Jen Reinhardt

Web Designer, Project Manager, Wonder Woman

We all take turns answering the phone, but no one has a quicker draw than Jen. Sometimes she seems to answer before anyone else even hears it. It’s really kind of freaky actually. Jen heads up our design department, and she is an exceptional designer for print and the Web, with a fine eye for color and detail. She is also an accomplished illustrator, proving that her drawing abilities are hardly limited to the telephone quick draw.

It's too hot in that Yemen, ugh...

Martin Sojka

Web Programmer, Multilingual Specialist, Photographer Extraordinaire

I speak Ruby, PHP, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, Slovak, Czech, English and more. Plus I can understand German or JAVA when I try really hard. This may come as a surprise because I graduated from Economic University with a Master's degree in Financial Audit. But during my college years I got in touch with Oto and eventually became a partner in newline Creations. My passion for web design & development is responsible for the change in my career. Currently I'm still operating from a small town in beautiful surroundings located in the heart of Slovakia that is located pretty much in the middle of Europe. Life is good here with my lovely wife Alenka but when we feel it's time to widen our horizons we just travel to some very exotic destinations with our heavy and ever expanding photo bags. Yes we both are avid photographers. In my spare time I used to spend lots of time on the basketball court but my knees don't like it anymore so I decided to practice martial arts and self-defense instead. That's safer for sure.

That's right, I drive with my shirt off.

Michal Bulla

HTML+CSS Guru and Designer Dude

I grew up in Brezno (Slovakia - Europe - World). I became a computer fan when I played my first video game. I graduated from Slovak Technical University with a Masters Degree in Electrotechnical Engineering. As a young inexperienced dude, I trusted Martin (one of the Newline founders) when he told me that working with Websites is the most interesting way to make money and I joined newline as a Web Designer and Developer. After 3 years, I'm still maintaining a positive attitude. I like playing Basketball and Street ball in the Summer and snowboarding in the Winter. I also like working out, hiking, rafting, inline skating, and going out with my friends. My dream is to be happy and fulfill my dreams.

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